Past Symposia

Past Breastfeeding and Feminism Symposia


The Dance of Nurture in a Complex World: How biology, gender, and social context shape how we nourish our children
 2017 Breastfeeding as Social Justice: From Crucial Conversation to Inspired Action
 2016 Advancing Breastfeeding Policy and Advocacy: Focus on Work and Poverty
 2015 Breastfeeding, Social Justice and Equity: Reflecting, Reclaiming, Re-visioning
 2014  Forging Partnerships for a Better Tomorrow
2013 It Takes a Village
2012 Considering Women in Advancing the Surgeon General’s Call to Action
2011 Reframing Birth and Breastfeeding: Moving Forward
2010 Informing Public Health Approaches
2009 From Birthplace to Workplace
2007 Breastfeeding and Feminism: Reproductive health, rights, and justice
2006 Breastfeeding and Feminism: A Focus on the Working Mother
2005 Breastfeeding, Motherhood, and Feminism

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