BFIC: What You Told Us

After the 2015 conference we conducted an online survey with participants to gather your ideas about the value of this conference and how we could improve it.  We extend a huge thank you to the 63 who participated.

Who participated?

Just over half (56%) of those who responded attended the BFIC for the first time in 2015 while 28% had attended three or more. Most respondents were from outside North Carolina (57%) and 13% were from outside the U.S. 

Highlights from the survey:

  • 98% agree that they are able to apply at work what they learn at BFIC
  • 95% appreciate the fact that speakers come from different disciplines
  • 94% agree that BFIC offers them the opportunity to have interesting conversations with a wide diversity of people and perspectives
  • 91% agree that BFIC is a unique conference that offers content and discussion that other breastfeeding conferences do not provide
  • 85% agree that people of different backgrounds and perspectives are given a voice and the opportunity to share
  • 84% agree that the conference is good value for money

Opportunities for interaction

87% indicated they would like to have opportunities to interact throughout the year.   We have two different Facebook sites to facilitate year round interaction. One of these is an open page and the other is, per Facebook language, a “secret” group.  This group is open to anyone who attends BFIC.


“BFIC is the most valuable breastfeeding conference I have ever attended, and this is consistent over the many times I have had the privilege to be involved. I think it has moved so much beyond breastfeeding, and could easily be called a peace and justice conference.  Breastfeeding is a perfect exemplar to use for the study of women’s issues, justice, health equity, poverty, racism and all the other topics listed above. It is a way to bring together many diverse people to have a conversation.  At this conference, differences of opinion are accepted and handled professionally and gracefully. Topics, which are off limits at other conferences, are welcomed and addressed.  My mind is always opened and my heart challenged. I believe that the BFIC has changed me both professionally and personally.  The relationships I have made are invaluable.”
“This is the most important conference I attend each year. Breastfeeding and feminism affect every person. This is the only forum in which to discuss those issues comprehensively, engaging all viewpoints and experiences.”
“BFIC has been an evolving conference, and I am thrilled to have been able to watch it evolve over the years. This year was a particularly good year. I appreciate the mix of participants being from so many backgrounds coming together on this topic. Everyone I talk to has a real sense of curiosity and excitement about the issues that come up. It is a vibrant conference. There does not seem to be any sense of attending for the sake of attending.”
“This conference has been amazing. I have been 3 times now and each time I learn so much not just from the information shared but from the individuals who attend. It is so wonderful to be around and network with so many from different backgrounds to discuss different life experiences. This conference is not like any other and it has helped me so much as an entry level practitioner in the field.”
“This conference was invaluable in the advancement of my own professional development and in networking with other professionals in academia and in practice. The experience was fantastic and I plan to attend in the future.”
“This conference was unique in the variety of disciplines and professionals coming together to discuss an important public health issue.”
“BFIC is a conference that is able to satisfy my interdisciplinary interests in health and the social sciences. There is no other conference like it.”
“This is easily the best conference I’ve attended. It is easy to meet attendees and exchange experiences. There is a good mix of experienced and novice practitioners or researchers.”
“This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the temperature globally concerning breastfeeding, feminism and women’s issues.”
“This conference was unlike any other that I have attended. It provided valuable and useful information from so many different disciplines. I left with a renewed energy!”
“BFIC was valuable to attend. I received a lot of insights about people in marginalized groups, especially ethnical minorities, Native Americans, LGBTIQ, and those who face criminal historical violence. It was delightful to meet people from different countries and states.”
“BFIC offers a unique mix of diverse people, coming together to learn and discuss topics related to Breastfeeding and Feminism.  I have attended many conferences over more than 20 years as an IBCLC.  This one stands out in it’s successful engagement of diverse ages, ethnicities, professionals, students and volunteers. The atmosphere is one of openness and curiosity, grounded in respect for evidence and innovation.”
“This conference gives me hope annually that there are other professionals and individuals across the nation and the globe with whom I share similar interests and passions.  In fact, it was attending this conference for the first time that set my on my current career path, because I felt so energized by the conversations I had with the people I met, that there were other people in the world with values like mine.  This gathering space is entirely unique and has limitless potential to have other positive ripple effects for individuals, organizations, and universities.”
“This conference is truly unique in building bridges across public health, medicine, social science, and community organizations and practitioners who support breastfeeding. The talks and conversations at the conference have been transformational for developing and enriching my own work. Thank you!”

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