BFIC Conference Program 2019 Final Program

The Handouts on this page are in alphabetical order by First Name:

Amber Valentine NAS and Feeding Difficulties

Angela Lober Storytelling as teaching

Deborah McCarter, Tauna Sisco and Katherine Warth Nurturing Newborns and New Mothers

Deborah McCarter, Tauna Sisco and Katherine Warth Discussion session 1 questions

Deborah van Wyck Backlash to breastfeeding Reading List

Dixie Weber We Can Do Better- Maximizing Neutral, Compassionate Care Strategies for Vulnerable Populations

Elleanor Johnson Realities of WIC Breastfeeding Mothers

Ellen Schafer Facilitators and Barriers to Implementing the Breastfeeding

Elizabeth “Liz” Brooks Comply with Confidence! Avoiding Conflicts of Interest under the International Code

Fiona Jardine Breastfeeding without Nursing

Jacqueline Van Wijlen Feminist Theories & Frameworks

Kathryn Wouk The role of maternal positive emotions during infant feeding on breastfeeding outcomes

Kinkini Banerjee Building A Leaderful Movement- PowerPoint

Leah Margulies Eyes on Trade

Leah Margulies Critical Essay Promotion in Bottle Feeding

Leah Margulies International Code of Marketing Highlights

Leah Margulies 1978 Kennedy Senate Hearings video

Louise Duursma Louise Duursma “Is the ‘relationship’ Important to providing effective Breastfeeding

Marie Dietrich Leurer Information Needs of Mothers who Express Breast Milk

Nor Kamariah Milk Expression practices and experiences

Sara Walz Campaign Planning Tool

Sara Walz Policy Toolkit

Savannah Taylor Dismantling Dichotomies in Breastfeeding

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