BFIC 2018 Materials

Wednesday, March 21

Keynote Address: Dance of Nurture
Racism: Impact on Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Breastfeeding
  • Erica Anstey, Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Breastfeeding by Income in the United States, 2013 Births
  • Michele Griswold, Experiences of racism and breastfeeding initiation and duration among first-time mothers of the Black Women’s Health Study
  • Laurel Wilson, Weathering, Human Milk Feeding, and the Epigenome: The Implications of Race, Equity, and Prenatal Nutrition and Breastfeeding
Learning with each other: Innovations in Practices and Programs Extravaganza
  • Sarah Margaret Christy, The Effects of Peer Support on Maternal Experiences and Breastfeeding Outcomes: An Evaluation of UNC’s M.O.M. Networking Group
  • Alena Clark, Establishing, Maintaining, Marketing and Evaluating a University Lactation Support Program: A Collaborative and Inclusive Approach
  • Jill Demirci, Acceptability of an Antenatal Milk Expression Protocol among First-Time Mothers in the U.S.
  • Juliana Cristina dos Santos Monteiro, Breastfeeding images on the Internet: iconographic analysis

Thursday, March 22

Learning with each other: Advances in Research Extravaganza
Lived experiences in Context
Concurrent Session #1
  • Kathy Parry, Reaching the Rural Indigenous Mothers of Guatemala through Care Groups
  • Victoria Scott, Mobilizing a large integrated healthcare system toward improved workplace breastfeeding support
  • Zainab Yate,“My body, your milk” : Why does body autonomy and consentmatter in those struggling with breastfeeding/nursing aversion and agitation (BAA)
Concurrent Session #2
  • Anna Brauch, Supporting Dyads Facing Nursing Aversion, Past Trauma, and Gender Dysphoria
  • Stephanie Carroll, Barriers to Nourishing Babies in Appalachia: A Sociocultural Perspective
  • Martha Paynter (PPT), Addiction, Mental Health and Race: Breastfeeding and Incarcerated Women
  • Amy Barron Smolinski, Lies and Lactation Cookies: Raising the Bar for Breastfeeding Support Groups Online
  • Jennifer Weaver & Jane Grassley, Cultural Attitudes, Women’s Experiences, and Breastfeeding Beyond the First Year

Friday, March 23

Regular Breast Milk Pumping in the Early Postpartum Period: Influence on Breast Milk Feeding Duration and Achievement of Intention
Concurrent Session #3
  • Elizabeth Bayne, Chocolate Milk–the rest of the film
  • Irma Hidayana, Using Human Milk for Artwork & Food: Is It Ethically Acceptable?
  • Beatrice Ogbunda(2), Influence of grandmothers beliefs, knowledge, and attitudes on breastfeeding practices in Southwestern Nigeria
  • Johanna Sargeant, Surprise! It’s Not About the Milk
  • Hannah Tello, Sexual Trauma Survivors and Breastfeeding: Biopsychosocial Mechanisms to Prevent Retraumatization and Promote Post-Traumatic Growth
  • Ellen Chetwynd, The Journey to Medicaid Reimbursement of Medical Lactation Services in North Carolina
  • Linda KopeckyCreating Equity and Increasing Breastfeeding through Family Friendly Policies
  • Trevor MacDonald (2), “What Can I Do?” Practical, Positive Steps Toward Gender Inclusion

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