Pre-Conference Research Methods Workshop

Each workshop has been approved for 3.5 R CERPS by IBLC

Tuesday, March 19th

(separate registration required)

  1. Time 8:30-12 The morning session will feature a qualitative research skill building session. The objective of the this session is to build skills among participants with beginning to intermediate experience. It will be taught by Stephanie Martin, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Nutrition Department at UNC and Laura Villa-Torres, PhD, post-doctoral research associate at UNC’s Center for Health Equity Research. Topics for the morning session: research skills including active listening, question design, note-taking, analysis, and data presentation and display. This session is $50 includes drinks and snack. Registration is required on the BFIC registration page.


  1. Time 1:30-5 The afternoon will feature a discussion about measurement in breastfeeding research. This discussion will focus both on breastfeeding as an exposure and as an outcome. A key outcome of this discussion is the initial development of a set of principles outlining measurement in breastfeeding research This session will be facilitated by Ellen Chetwynd, PhD, MPH, BSN, IBCLC and Jennifer Yourkavitch, MPH, PhD, IBCLC. This session is free, but registration is required on the BFIC registration page.

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